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Pillow to PC 100 Mile Challenge

Could you run 20 miles in a day?

Could you run 20 miles a day for 5 days in a row?

Could you run 20 miles a day for 5 days in a row while still completing a full day of work in the middle?

No? Me neither.

But this is the challenge that our Apollo Consultants took on last week. Rather than drive to work every day, Will and Jon would run 10 miles from Cowbridge to the office in Aberkenfig, complete a day of work, and then run 10 miles home.

Quite a challenge we know, but it was all in aid of a fantastic charity: Parkinson’s UK.

Earlier this year, Will sadly lost his Dad, Paul, to Parkinson’s. The Apollo team took on The Pillow to PC 100 Mile Challenge to raise awareness and money for a charity that does so much for those with Parkinson’s, or those caring for someone with the condition.

Will and Jon took on the full 5 day challenge, but they were also joined by Marc, Chloe and Jonny for 2 days, and Paul took part on his bike for the first 2 days.

The aim of the challenge was to raise £1,000, and the team did a fantastic job of smashing their target and raising over £1,800!

Blood, sweat and potentially even some tears were the running order for the week, but we think you’ll agree that it was all worth it.

Day 1

I was confident for the first 10 miles and felt the challenge was achievable. We made it to the office without any problems, and I was feeling okay about the run home too. On leaving the office at the end of the day though, I soon realised I was no Mo Farah. We were only on the second leg and I was already started to struggle. Luckily, Jon’s motivational talks, updates on the mileage, and time checks, kept me going and helped me to make it home.

– Will

I don’t think either of us fully understood the enormity of the task in hand until we finished day 1. We have both driven that journey hundreds and thousands of times, but I have never realised just how long it is, or how many hills are involved!

– Jon

Day 2

Like yesterday, day 2 started well and we got to the office in one piece, but the way home was brutal. We had to stop twice to refuel, and by the time we got to the end, my feet and knees were incredibly sore.

– Will

Day 2 was slightly slower than yesterday. The first leg began well but I think we were both struggling a bit this afternoon.

– Jon

Day 3

Marc from the Cwmbran Office joined us today and I thought that his presence would be a much needed distraction to help me get through today. Sadly, even though it was great to see him, him being there didn’t make the journey any easier.
I have never felt so much pain and my feet are one big blister. I managed to make it home, but everything was aching. Once again, it was Jon’s team talks that got me to the end. It’s not just my feet that are feeling this challenge either – I started the week weighing 101KG, and I’m already down to 97kg!

– Will

Between Will’s blisters and the start of an Achilles issue I could feel starting to build, we were very lucky to have Marc’s support today to help us keep going!

– Jon

Day 4

Chloe, a Teaching Assistant currently working for the Bridgend office, was part of the team today.
When I woke up this morning my poor feet and body were telling me to give up. I knew I had to push through – and Jon wouldn’t have let me give up anyway!
It was no surprise to me that both the journeys to and from the office were horrendous today. We went so slowly and every step was painful, but eventually, we did make it to the end.
The amount of blister plasters I’ve used over the last 4 days is enough to keep Blistec in business for years to come, and I’ve had enough salt baths to fill a swimming pool.

– Will

Today was tough.
My main motivation for completing this challenge was to help Will raise as much money as possible in memory of his late father, and to see our donation count steadily increasing over the week has been absolutely fantastic. It gives us both such a lift and makes us want to keep going!

– Jon

Day 5

I woke up ecstatic today – the end is near!
The thought of finishing this week gave me extra motivation today and we ran at a good pace this morning with no fuel stops. Marc, Chloe and Jonny joined the squad again today, and Marc’s hilarious chat was an excellent mood boost.
By the time we got to the office we knew we only had 10 miles left, and both Jon and I were on top of the world. In fact, our run this morning was our second fastest, beaten only by our very first leg on Monday morning!
Work today passed quickly, and by the time we were geared up ready to go for the last time, it was the pint of Estrella waiting for us at Bar 44 that was at the forefront of our minds! We ignored any thoughts of blisters, aching legs or tight Achilles… and we made it!

– Will

The thought of the beer garden was an excellent motivator today and I really think that’s how we managed to make it through both legs so quickly, and without any issues!
We really couldn’t have finished today without the support of Apollo, our colleagues, family and friends, but we did it!

– Jon

To make it to the final run despite the injuries and blisters both Will and Jon suffered over the 5 days is an achievement in itself. We’d like to say an enormous congratulations to Will, Jon, Paul, Marc and Chloe for their efforts last week. You did a sterling job and raised an incredible amount of money!

2 battered men, 100 miles, £1,877 raised – job done! Huge thank you to everyone who has donated. It really does mean the world to me.

– Will

To not only reach our target, but to nearly double it fills us both with immense pride!

– Jon

Thank you to everyone who donated, supported and fed sugary treats to our brilliant runners. It really was appreciated.

If you haven’t had a chance to donate, don’t worry! You can still head over to our Just Giving page to add some extra pennies. Every little helps!

Paul, Jon and Will stand outside the Apollo Business Village office in their red Apollo t-shirts.
Day 1: Paul, Jon and Will are ready to go.
Jon and Will are standing in the sunshine in front of the Apollo Business Village office
Day 2: the sun is shining on Jon and Will.
Marc, Will and Jon are standing outside the Apollo offices looking very wet after getting caught in the rain
Day 3: Marc, Will and Jon had ‘a little bit’ of rain to contend with today
Will, Chloe and Jon standing outside the Apollo office
Day 4: Will, Chloe and Jon are still going.
Marc, Chloe, Jon and Will standing outside the Apollo Business Village office sign
Day 5: Marc, Chloe, Jon and Will have finished!
A rich chocolate cake decorated with chocolate fingers, chocolate covered strawberries and mini bunting that says 'Pillow to PC'
Celebratory chocolate cake made by Charlotte in the Bridgend office


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