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Apollo Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) Support Programme

Providing an unrivalled, dedicated support service for NQT’s to help navigate your way through the induction process whilst working as one of our highly valued supply teachers.

Meet Lynne Davies

NQT Mentor for Apollo Teaching

"I am aware that every supply agency will offer you, as an NQT, a dedicated Account Manager. As an experienced teacher, I can assure you that this is not nearly enough of what you need during your NQT induction period.

Here at Apollo, we go that extra mile to meet your specific needs. In addition to your Account Manager, we are offering you my personal service and support during your induction period via a direct line on a daily basis.

My name is Lynne Davies and I am a teacher with 22 years of experience in the teaching profession and I believe I have amassed a wealth of diverse experience that could directly benefit you. Not only have I worked for 20 years in a permanent contract at a large, high achieving school, I have also worked as a supply teacher for Apollo alongside my contract since early in my career. More recently, I have delivered specialist courses for revision at A level and GCSE as well as Anti-Bullying and Social Media Awareness courses for younger students. The different roles I have undertaken have allowed me to teach in a huge variety of schools ranging from Independent schools to those in deprived areas and this is what has given me a full insight into the different challenges you may face, specifically as a supply teacher."

Our NQT mentoring services

"It is the varied experience I have had in the teaching profession that sets me apart from an Account Manager. There are many things I wish I had known in my early years and it is these things along with personal support and guidance that I want to make available to you as an NQT. Your early years in the profession are when this support is crucial. I also feel strongly about dispelling the myth that supply teachers are such because they are unable to secure a permanent contract. The truth is, as a good supply teacher you would be highly valued which shows a prospective employer that your classroom management skills are very likely to be above average. I am in no doubt that supply teaching helps teachers to achieve excellence in this particular area and arguably this is possibly one of the most important skills to have in order to pave the way for our pupils to learn, progress and succeed. I wish to bring to your attention the things that will set you apart from everyone else - things that have taken me years to learn. Colleagues and myself are in no doubt that my classroom management skills have been enhanced as a result of working as a supply teacher. In fact, I believe that cultivating the skills to become an excellent supply teacher is a worthwhile achievement for your future professional development.

I am also aware of how demanding this job is and the stress it can place on you as an individual which can affect your personal life. Getting the work/life balance right is also an essential skill you must cultivate. It can take years to perfect this and I wish to pass on my advice to you so that you can achieve this early in your career. In addition to my teaching experience, I also have a Level 2 First Aid for Mental Health qualification awarded by FAA. Looking after your mental health and emotional well-being is essential to ensure that you and your pupils have the best possible teaching experience on a day-to-day basis.

You will have learned from your teaching practice, that this is a very unpredictable profession and I will be available to you for help and support to deal with any issues that arise and concern you. Your first year as an NQT is when you will need extra support and I will do everything I can to ensure that you get the help you need when you need it."

Induction for supply teachers

The following information represents the Induction Regulations in Wales for NQTs and the new rules that came into force in November 2022.

It is a statutory requirement in Wales that all NQTs undertake induction and this can be done via ad hoc short-term supply teaching work. You must complete your induction within 380 sessions and have a maximum time limit of 5 years after gaining Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) to do so. (NQTs who gained QTS before 2022 will have a maximum time limit of 5 years from November 2022.)

Any NQTs who do not satisfactorily complete their induction within this time limit, will automatically fail and no longer be eligible to register as or work as a school teacher in Wales or England and there is no option to re-take induction.

The Welsh Government have also decided to allow the Appropriate Bodies within each LA to have greater flexibility to allow induction to be completed in less than 380 sessions if it is deemed appropriate. 

A session is defined as a full morning or afternoon worked as a school teacher. Sessions completed as TA, Learning Support Worker or Cover Supervisor cannot count.

With effect from November 2022, all sessions worked as a school teacher in a PRU will also count towards induction.

All periods of employment which you undertake as a qualified teacher of one school session or more, must and will count towards your induction period and must be uploaded to your on-line profile with the EWC. There is no flexibility regarding this and you, or schools cannot request that a period of employment does not count towards induction. Short-term supply work undertaken prior to September 2012 cannot count towards induction.

More information on induction for supply teachers

Submission of paperwork

If you're an newly qualified teacher (NQT) undertaking supply work you must submit the Induction as a Short Term Supply Teacher notification form to the EWC. Once they’ve received and processed your form they will e-mail you with details on how to create your MyEWC account, and also how to record your supply sessions with them.

If your employment circumstances change at any point during your Induction period, please contact EWC at Professional Development and Funding for advice.

Allocation of External Verifiers (EVs)

All NQTs undertaking Induction in Wales are allocated an external verifier (EV).

Once an EV has been allocated their name will be visible via your MyEWC account. Your EV will contact you directly via e-mail.

Please notify Professional Development and Funding of any changes to the e-mail address you provided on the notification form.

Find out more about the process of allocating EVS for NQTs.

All supply teachers are strongly advised to open and use a Hwb email account for all professional communication, as this is a secure network developed by Welsh Government.  You can contact Hwb to be assigned a supply email account by following the link:

Supply teachers in Wales - Hwb (gov.wales).

Be aware that it can take a week or two to process.  You can also access the Hwb supply teachers Network – this is an open network open to all supply teachers, including NQT’s.


Logging short term supply sessions

The EWC are responsible for keeping a central accurate record of supply sessions completed.  All periods of employment which you undertake as a qualified teacher of one school session, or more, must count towards your Induction period, and must be recorded with EWC. There is no flexibility regarding this.

In addition to logging sessions with EWC,  you’re also required to have your sessions verified and validated by a member of the Leadership Team of the schools you have worked at. You must record these in the Record of Attendance section of your Induction Profile. You will keep the: Record of attendance form for short term supply teachers offline and uploaded it to your Induction Profile in line with the timescales set out in your Profile.

Online Induction Profile

As a NQT you're required to complete and maintain your Induction Profile online via the Professional Learning Passport (PLP). You're responsible for maintaining your Induction Profile and for identifying and recording evidence of how you meet the professional standards for teaching and leadership through your professional practice.

Your online Induction Profile will be visible once the EWC has received and processed your Short Term Supply Teacher Notification Form, and your first session of supply work has been logged with them.

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What people are saying about Lynne Davies

Fiona Thomas

Head Of Department, Dwr y Felin

"Lynne Davies is the kind of teacher you want on supply. Having been in the profession for over twenty years, Lynne was a student of mine who showed great potential from the outset. She is the kind of teacher who is firm but fair and invests in pupils, developing relationships and getting to know pupils as individuals. Lynne has the ability to understand how different it is being an experienced, established teacher, in comparison with being a teacher on supply. However, her experience and characteristics that she showed early on, has stood her in good stead to be able to manage different and often difficult pupils at different schools.

As a Head of Department, when a supply teacher covers an absent member of staff, you hope that the individual is able to manage a class and has the foresight to just get on with the job as on a day to day basis, schools are busy.  Lynne is our go to person because of her class management qualities, experience and personality. Nothing is ever too much and not only can she deliver good quality lessons, but she will go out of her way to mark books and finish displays, if it supports the department. Lynne arrives early so she is prepared for the day, simply ensuring that she has a key to open doors and familiarises herself with log in systems and registers. My department sees Lynne as one of the team and not just a supply teacher due to her investing in the role which she takes seriously and fulfils with pride. She is definitely an asset to us and the school."

Gemma Thomas

Teacher of Religion, Ethics & Philosophy

"Lynne is the definition of a mentor: an experienced and trusted adviser. She was my NQT mentor and guided my professional development in my EPD 1&2 years. During this time, and beyond, she supported my development as a young educator through practical, clear, and achievable advice, targets, and approaches.

Lynne’s particular area of expertise is in classroom management; her own skills are second to none: she shared and demonstrated this experience in a supportive and non-judgmental way. This improved my own practice and led to greater confidence in the classroom through having a store of strategies ready to use in a variety of potential scenarios. Moreover, Lynne’s diligence and attentiveness allowed me to become a more reflective practitioner and to set high expectations for myself and my students- something we all benefitted from!

On a personal level, I could have not asked for a more caring mentor. Lynne was always there to listen and offer advice where appropriate, but most importantly she always made me feel like a valued, worthy member of staff."

What people are saying about Apollo Teaching

Cathryn Richards

Secondary Teacher

"I joined Apollo as an NQT after being quite frustrated with another large agency, I’ve found Apollo to be NQT focussed which was demonstrated by the fact that they placed me in a school where my mentor worked allowing me to complete my NQT observations with pupils and classes that I was familiar with whilst working as a supply teacher. I’m not aware of any other agency being so accommodating.

The team at Swansea have amazing communication skills. I highly recommend Apollo as an agency."

Tiffany Jenkins

Primary Teacher

"I have worked for Apollo Teaching Services since 2018 as a Primary School Teacher and completed my NQT induction whilst being on day-to-day supply. The staff at the Apollo Swansea branch have been amazing at finding me regular day-to-day teaching work in local schools. These days have all counted towards my NQT sessions and enabled me to complete my NQT induction in 11 months. They have also offered CPD accredited courses which I have used towards my NQT induction. By completing my NQT induction through the agency, I have gained a variety of school experiences; developed my teaching styles with a range of pupils (3-11 years old); and built up my positive reputation with different schools.

Throughout my time with Apollo, they have always accommodated my needs whilst being a NQT and a fully qualified primary teacher. I would highly recommend NQTs and fully qualified teachers to join Apollo Teaching Services as they are welcoming, professional, and extremely supportive."

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