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Laura’s Apollo Story

For many students, leaving university is the start of your biggest adventure yet. Years of hard work have paid off, and you’re on your way to beginning a career.

At Apollo, we want to make the transition from university to full time employment as easy as possible. When you sign up with us, we will make sure your face gets known in your local schools. We will let you know of any long term or full time roles that are coming up, and we will help you to develop a relationship with the schools that you enjoy working in.

If you are looking for a full time role, we will do our utmost to help you find one.
But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s Laura’s story:

My name is Laura, and I live in Bridgend. I graduated in July 2015 with a BA in primary education with QTS. Since graduation, I have started work with Apollo. I have been with you for two years now. I have worked at many primary schools in Bridgend and Cardiff. I am currently on long term supply in a Primary School and have been since October. I have a year 1 class with a range of abilities. I am thoroughly enjoying my experience there and everyone has been very supportive.

Okay, so you’ve been working with us since you left university? How did you hear about us?

Yes, for 2 years now. I heard about Apollo from an agency day organised by the university.

Why did you decide to sign up with us?

I signed up with Apollo to gain experience of working in different schools and with different age groups to see which phase I would prefer to work with. The signing up progress itself was very simple and straight forward. Staff were very friendly and supportive.

We’re glad you found the process so easy to complete. Once you had signed up, how long did it take to get your first placement?

In my first year, I gained two long term placements in two different schools in Bridgend.

Could you talk us through a typical day for you with Apollo?

Most mornings I already know where I am going, if not, I await a call in the morning. Then I arrive at the school, sign in, have a brief introduction to the school and their expectations and have a tour of the school. I will then be shown to the classroom where there is usually a lesson plan set, if not, I will use the resources that I have already prepared. I ensure the children are on task, engaged and are completing work. I then mark the work and leave any notes for the teacher if applicable.

And what is your favourite thing about working in schools?

I have gained an extensive set of skills from visiting many different schools around Bridgend. I have also observed other teachers and seen alternative strategies being used. This gives me a great bank of resources/strategies for when I teach in other schools.

Thanks for answering our questions; we’re glad you’ve been so happy with Apollo’s services!

You don’t have to wait until you graduate to sign up with Apollo. If you’re looking for a job to complete around your degree, on days you choose and in schools that are local to you, send us a message.


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