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A day in the life of a Teaching Assistant during a pandemic

My name is Sian and I have been working in a wonderful school with Apollo since November 2020 on a 1 to 1 basis with a pupil and it’s been great. I got told this would be a long-term placement which was even better for me. However, after the Christmas holiday we were back in lockdown with schools closed. I didn’t know where or if I would be working due to being a supply TA. The school rang Apollo saying they needed me to work in the school hub, so I have been working there since the beginning of January and I have really enjoyed it.

The start of my day…

First thing in the morning, the TA will set up the classroom and resources needed for the day with their teacher if they are in school that day, if not we normally WhatsApp and they will run through the tasks for the morning and what the hub children will need.

When the children arrive, the TA welcomes the children into school and tells them to sanitise their hands before entering school. The children hang their coats and bags up themselves and go to the toilet and wash their hands before going to their allocated classroom. They sit in their seat and open their personal Chromebook to go on Spelling Shed or Mathletics before their first task starts. I will then read through the plan for the morning in the HUB I work in. I have 2 different classes YR 3/4 and YR 4/5 which means 2 different tasks either literacy or maths. I run through what the YR 4/5 teacher wants them to do and once they understand they get on with the task. I then explain the task to the YR 3/4 and help them with their task depending on what they have to do.

10am – YR 3/4 children have their Google Meet with their friends and teacher on their Chromebooks and the floating TA supervises them in the hall, then I help the YR 4/5 in the classroom if they need help.

10.30am – Morning Break

11am – All pupils sanitise and wash their hands before heading back to the classroom, they then start the next task which is either literacy or math’s depending on what they did before morning break. Again, I explain to the two YR groups what their teachers want them to do, supervise and help them out if they need help.

12 – 1pm – Lunchtime. Children wash their hands before getting their lunch bags and eat their lunch in the classroom before going out into the playground.

12.55pm – YR 4/5 come in sanitise and wash hands before their Google Meet.

1pm – YR 3/4 children come back in to sanitise and wash their hands.

1pm – YR 4/5 have their Google Meet with their friends and teacher on their Chromebooks in the hall and the floating TA supervises them. YR 3/4 are in the classroom and their afternoon task is normally a topic task or a creative task. I explain what they have to do. During the lunch hour if they need any arts and crafts items, I will get them ready for when they come back to the classroom.

1.30pm – the YR 4/5 come back into the classroom after the meeting and they have a topic or creative task to do too. I explain to them again what the teachers wants them to do and they get on with their task.

2pm – Afternoon break.

2.20pm – the children come back in from break, sanitise their hands and wash them before going back to the classroom. This time after break is for any tasks’ they didn’t finish throughout the day before going home.

3-3.30pm – Home time


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